Wither Witch lowres watermark
Withering Witch
pen, ink & gouache on bristol

Spawned from a sudden recollection of the “Worlds Longest Fingernails” entry I read in the Guinness Book at age 8 (a record since surpassed,) this withered witch stores power in her fingernails in much the opposite way that you and I shouldn’t let ours be found, lest our power be captured. Finished on the night of September 27, 2015 during the “Blood Moon” eclipse, I chose to use the event as further inspiration.
The Witch’s shroud grew from a fascination with Robert Campin’s painting of the Veiled Woman which I reproduced
as an ink sketch.Veiled WomanAnd finally, I was so thrilled with the outcome, that I turned it into a two-color screenprinted “band shirt” style design using metallic copper ink for the moon.

Witch 6Witch 8 watermark

Shirts are available for purchase through my Etsy shop HERE.