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Exterminator City is a day-long independent, underground comix market hosted by myself and collaborator Maxx in our shared gallery space Push/Pull at the Greenwood Collective in Seattle.

Inspired in part by the success of Short Run Small Press Fest and the many art flea-market events around Seattle, the goal is to take the mystery and solitude out of underground comix and make them more visible and accessible.

Our first event, held on April 5th, 2014 featured 24 artists including myself:

James Stanton, Eli Wolff, Megan Noel, Noel Franklin, Phill Tuma, Aaron Wright, Laura Davis, Marc Palm, Ben Horak, Andrew Schons, Jessica Hoffman, Jerry Vorhies, Mari Ichimasu, Justin Quinlan, Kalen Knowles, Eli Tripoli, Michael O’Driscoll, Paige Fukuhara, Angely Boyle Erin Fox, Karsten Foerster, Brittany Kusa, Michael Heck and Scott Travis.

The poster for Exterminator City was illustrated by Justin Quinlan.