Untitled-5 copyNo fighting.

Guidelines 1-2Storefront sales with approval from proprietor.
Guidelines 15Vendor forum.

Guidelines 9Vendors socializing.

Guidelines 6 copyComputers are available for vendor use.
Guidelines 4No mobile hawking.RC 2-1Per-paper cost to vendors.

RC 5Ten old papers can be traded for one new paper.

Each year Real Change News prints a vendor manual for both the established vendors and for new people.
I was asked if I could do a bunch of simple illustrations to make the manual more visually interesting and accessible.
The idea is that the various rules of conduct that vendors must follow, and the opportunities available to them should be accessible and understandable to folks of all literacy levels.

8 of 30 infographics.
All of these are 2 to 3 inches square
pen and marker on bristol